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4 Tips To Help You Find A Reliable Licensed Electrical Worker

May 18, 2022


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maintaining electrical system done by licensed electrical worker

Electricity is critical in the daily operations of any commercial property. As the landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure the electrical system in your building is regularly maintained to prevent the disruption of electricity or an accident from occurring. 

Shoddy electrical works are often a common cause of electrical accidents in Singapore. Therefore, it is crucial for you to hire a reliable licensed electrical worker (LEW) to safeguard the safety of your tenants.

However, finding a good LEW to work with is not a simple task. There are several qualities you should look out for when shortlisting your ideal candidate. Read on to understand the attributes you must pay attention to during your search. 

Tip #1: Look for recommendations and reviews

person looking for LEW services

Reviews are generally excellent indicators of a business’ services. By gathering information on what other clients have to say about your preferred LEW service, you can gain a better understanding of whether the company is the best option for you.

If you are unsure of the authenticity of an online review, consider asking a friend or relative for recommendations. Do not hesitate to enquire about their experience with the company and whether they are satisfied with the services provided. 

Tip #2: Look for a service that provides transparent pricing

Your shortlisted LEW should be honest about the electrical problems plaguing your business and the cost required to fix such issues. Do not hesitate to ask further questions if needed and confirm that the quotation provided is accurate and void of any hidden charges.

A reliable LEW service will always maintain a transparent pricing policy. If you notice your preferred service often hesitates to provide a clear and concise explanation for their charges and is always delayed in responding to your queries, you should consider looking for an alternative option. 

Tip #3: Ensure the electrical worker possesses a license

electrical work done by licensed electrical worker

It is mandatory for all electrical work in Singapore to be performed by a licensed electrical worker. These LEWs have undergone the required training and are aware of the basic electrical safety tips. Their knowledge is crucial in preventing a short circuit from occurring in your building’s electrical system. 

Moreover, an electrical worker who possesses a LEW license can provide you with peace of mind, as you are confident that the task will be carried out perfectly. While an unlicensed electrical worker might offer their services at a lower rate, they might end up causing more issues that compromise the safety of your tenants. 

Tip #4: Ensure the electrical worker is experienced

As you are shortlisting your ideal candidates, do not hesitate to inquire about the experience of your preferred LEW service. An experienced company has worked on numerous projects. Therefore, their team will be familiar with the various issues plaguing your building’s electrical system and possess the expertise to handle them.

We hope what we have shared has provided you with an in-depth understanding of the qualities you should note when hiring a LEW in Singapore. Your ideal LEW service will ensure the electrical system in your building remains in tip-top shape and is running at peak efficiency. 

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