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Tan T P Consultants Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based Licensed Electrical Professional Engineer company with 20 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering field. The company provides Licensed Electrical Works services as well as professional consultancy to many well-established and prestigious companies such as Parkway Hospitals Singapore, Hong Fok Corporation and PSA Corporation Limited. Our Licensed Electrical Workers are highly experienced in a vast number of industries, ranging from residential to industrial and commercial buildings.

Tan T P Consultants Pte Ltd is managed by experienced Licensed Electrical Workers and Engineer Professional Engineers with substantial knowledge, expertise, and industry experience in High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) Systems in the building services industry. With a strong educational background that is backed up by substantial industry experience, Tan T P Consultants Pte Ltd strives to execute all projects with a high dedication to excellence, professionalism, and precision.

Our growth and success over the years is directly attributed to our highly knowledgeable and well experienced professional team of staff. With many years of vigorous education and industry experience in electrical engineering, we have built a reputation in Singapore for quality work and value-added electrical engineering. We stand for the highest level of dedication and precision, in tandem with our commitment to safety concern, cost efficiency, and timely completion of project schedules. We seek to be an innovator in our approach in providing Electrical Engineering and LEW services in Singapore.