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TAN T P Consultants is an electrical consulting firm that specializes in providing quality electrical power solutions in the most cost-efficient way. We are highly familiar with both traditional and emerging energy industries, allowing us to deliver a wide range of electrical engineering services for our clients.

Professional electrical engineers and consultants with experience in developing electrical systems build up our experienced team here at Tan T P Consultants. As part of our fully integrated electrical engineering services, our electrical engineers frequently collaborate with our other professionals to deliver seamless and all-in results.

As needed, our electrical engineers participate in all stages of the project, from detailed engineering to testing & commissioning. This will guarantee that our electrical engineering services are well-supervised and delivered with utmost professionalism and expertise. We work on anything from small-scale projects such as office spaces to large-scale power plants.

Aside from groundworks, we also offer legal electrical engineering services. As we understand that many of our clients are not very familiar with the legal aspects involved in electrical works, we are pleased to help them with paperwork, preparing documents, and consulting the projects to the rightful government agencies and private institutions concerned. This will guarantee that your project will adhere to the laws and will be safe for everyone that will possibly be involved.

Electrical Consultants for Commercial and Industrial Building Projects

  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Conceptual & Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Governmental Submission and Obtaining of Approval for Plans
  • Tender documentation and Award Recommendation
  • Electrical System Study
  • Data Logging Study
  • Electrical Safety Training


We also Offer Professional services for:

Services Services  Services

Energy Market Authority (EMA) Licensed Electrical Engineer

  • Provision of Licensed Electrical Worker for Electrical Installations of Factories, Industrial Plants, Commercial and Residential Building.
  • Evaluation of Electrical Installation, Submission of EMA EIR1/EIR2 reports and Recommendations for Maintenance Servicing and Predictive Maintenance Requirements.
  • Twenty-four hours Standby Service.
  • Power Failure Analysis and Report.
  • EMA Authorising Engineer Duties – Operation and Switching of Electrical Equipment.
  • Apply and renew EMA license.

Electrical Engineering Testing and Measurement

  • Electrical Site Testing for High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) equipment.
  • On-line electrical measurements for maintenance (Infrared Scanning and Partial Discharge Measurement.
  • Transformer oil testing (22KV/6.6KV).
  • HT Cable Termination (22KV/6.6KV).