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When opening a business in a tenanted area or constructing a new building project, the electrical system is a very crucial aspect to look through. In many countries across the world, fire accidents and electrical emergencies are causing fatalities and damages to assets and properties every day. This reality can also be observed in Singapore. One of the most common causes of fire incidents for the past decades are faulty electrical equipment or poor electrical installation. This is the reason why hiring an electrical consultant and licensed electrical engineer is important.


While we use electricity almost every minute of the day, we can easily admit that not everyone is well-versed in things that are electrical. Professional engineers gained a university degree and license from the Energy Market Authority (EMA) to perform various electrical works and keep our loved ones and properties safe. Thus, it is always a good decision to hire a professional electrical engineer from the initial stages of your electrical design plan up to its maintenance phase.

Tan T P is an electrical consultant in Singapore that aims to provide quality services to help people against the risk of electrical hazards. Our team of licensed electrical engineers are dedicated to imparting their knowledge and experiences so you can achieve the best solution for your requirements.


About Us

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Tan T P Consultants Pte Ltd is a local-based Licensed and Professional Electrical Engineering company with a long history in the provision of professional services to many well-established and prestigious companies.

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We offer professional services on Electrical Consultants for Commercial and Industrial Building Projects, Energy Market Authority (EMA) Licensed Electrical Engineer, and Electrical Testing and Measurement.

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Who We Are

Tan T P is an electrical consultant firm that offers various licensed electrical works for commercial, industrial and residential properties. We specialise in planning, implementing and maintaining the electrical system of a given property. We also aid in obtaining and renewing EMA licenses. With a pool of qualified and licensed electrical engineers from renowned universities like Nanyang Technological University, Tan T P is able to provide our clients with the best services from consultation to actual electrical works.


Our services come in two aspects, consultancy and contracting. As electrical consultants in Singapore, we are providing feasibility studies, value engineering, design development, electrical system study as well as electrical safety training. We also work on application of EI license, installation and maintenance of electrical components as professional electrical engineers.


Why Choose Tan T P

Established in March 2015, Tan T P Consultants have been providing safe, professional and affordable electrical services for seven years. Over this period, we have established a good credibility and earned a number of loyal clients. Most of our early clients came from referrals which goes to show how our services are trusted by the people who had a previous transaction with us.

We aim to be the best firm for licensed electrical engineers that people can trust when it comes to the planning and maintenance of their properties’ electrical installations. Along with quality services, we also strive for transparency and fair pricing to make electrical services more affordable for the common people.