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Why You Should Hire Licensed Electrical Workers In Singapore

April 20, 2022


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Why You Should Hire Licensed Electrical Workers in Singapore

Have you ever received feedback from your tenants regarding flickering lights or regular power trips while they are working in your office building? On these occasions, it can be tempting to get an employee with electrical engineering knowledge to diagnose and fix the issue themselves to save costs. 

However, opting not to hire a licensed electrical worker can compromise the safety of your employees and the tenants in your building. In fact, shoddy electrical installations and maintenance are responsible for hundreds of electricity-related injuries in Singapore yearly.

So the next time you encounter a problem with your electrical installation, it is advisable to contact a reliable electrical consultant. Not only are you prioritizing your safety and your tenants’, but you can also expect quality workmanship. If you are still not convinced, let us break down why you should always hire a licensed electrical worker in Singapore.

Reason #1: Safety

Licensed electrical worker in Singapore Safety

Safety should always be the utmost priority when carrying out any electrical work on your premises. Shoddy work can compromise the safety of every occupant in a building. Therefore, any modification of electrical wirings or changing of lighting fixtures, power socket outlets, and circuit breakers must be carried out by someone with a LEW license.

Even a routine electrical inspection should be conducted by a certified individual, such as a licensed electrical engineer. Fortunately, it is easy to identify if your hired electrical worker possesses a valid LEW license, as each identification card carries a license number that can be verified on the Energy Market Authority’s (EMA’s) website.

Reason #2: Affordable rates

When you encounter a minor electrical issue, it is natural for you to attempt to resolve the problem yourself to save on the cost of hiring an electrician. But why risk your safety or your employees’ when you can engage the services of a licensed electrical worker without a significant impact on your finances?

In addition to regulating how electrical works are performed, the EMA also stipulates industry standards with regard to pricing. While the statutory board does not dictate how much an electrician should charge for their services, it does provide guidelines to ensure fair pricing so that consumers are not exploited. As a result, most electrical consultants provide manageable rates for their services.

Reason #3: Proper training

Licensed electrical worker in Singapore Proper training

It is mandatory for all professionals that offer electrical services in Singapore to possess a LEW license. Every electrical worker has to undergo a series of stringent government-approved tests to demonstrate they possess the necessary knowledge and skills to handle an electrical project and ensure everything is up to regulatory compliance codes.

Reason #4: Quality services

You can generally expect a licensed electrical worker to provide reliable and durable maintenance and installation services as they possess the expertise and capabilities to carry out electrical works flawlessly.

Moreover, these professionals are regulated by the EMA, which has a code of practice that every service provider has to adhere to accordingly. These guidelines ensure that every electrical worker strives to provide quality services that meet a customer’s needs. Professionals will also be able to help apply and renew for the EMA license on your behalf. 

If the EMA receives a complaint regarding substandard service, the electrical worker may find their license suspended or terminated. As such, electrical workers are often keen to provide top-notch services that leave the customers satisfied. This is also good for their business, as there is a greater likelihood of attracting more customers due to good word-of-mouth reviews.

Never underestimate the importance of hiring a licensed electrical worker to resolve any electrical problems that arise in your office building. They can provide affordable and high-quality work, ensuring the safety of you, your employees, and your tenants.

At Tan T P Consultants, our team of licensed electrical workers possess years of experience in the industry. As such, you can rest easy knowing that our qualified workers can help you address any outstanding electrical issues plaguing your building.

We also provide electrical safety training for building owners and LEW endorsement for contractors dealing with electrical engineering projects. If you are interested to learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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